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Livelihood Support

TCC’s Livelihood Support Programme has come as a fresh lease of life for destitute women facing financial hardship due to various reasons. The program has empowered them to earn their livelihood and respect in society. The needy women who want to start income-generating activities are supported in their area of interest and constantly facilitated and guided.

The program has been a life-changing initiative for women who have faced adversity in their lives for a variety of reasons. Not only did the program help them start self-sustaining activities, but it also provided them with opportunities to gain respect in the society in which they live. Continuous guidance, counseling, and supervision have been made by the team to ensure that they do not abandon the economic activities they are doing and get appropriate inputs to sustain the efforts. TCC has been able to change the lives of many women by helping them set up and start their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship Program

Traditionally, women, entrepreneurs face diverse challenges like mobilizing financial resources, getting education and skill training, balancing family and business life, safety and gender-based violence at the workplace, societal support, etc.

Women who are at increased risks of violence, exploitation, abuse, and harassment during times of crisis also face other challenges like balancing work with increased responsibilities in the household, including childcare due to school closures. Consequently, women face high risks of job and income loss. Therefore, training for aspirant entrepreneurs and startups is essential for their survival and economic development.

TCC has been running the Women Entrepreneurship Project, an initiative aimed at financially supporting and nurturing women entrepreneurs from across the country, especially those from marginalized communities.