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Our COVID-19 Response

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt unevenly globally and in India. In the two years since the pandemic began, even though the infection and death rates due to Covid were fortunately lower in India than originally estimated.

As COVID becomes a major national health priority, TCC was asked by the Director of Health in the Jharkhand Secretariat Office to assist with the government's response to COVID-19 across Jharkhand. Like many developing countries, India also needed immediate assistance to improve the vaccine receipt rate and carry out the activities outlined in the National COVID Response Plan.

In 2021, TCC mobilized resources to respond to this urgent request from partners in the Government of Jharkhand. TCC staff provided emergency support to the Department of Health by supporting the National Coordination Office with data analysis on stock levels and vaccination rates, and providing analytical insight to inform processes related to the national COVID response roll-out. We have hired a dedicated Project Manager to join the Secretarial Office COVID Task Force.