We are working for children who are challenging - to - keep alive.

The Children’s Care spends 80% of your donation to direct program implementation so that the children can live and healthy.

  • 500 INR can  provide complete nutritional supplements to 1 children for a month
  • 1000 INR can fulfill  basic need of 3 adolescent girls for a month
  • 4000 INR can provide enough food to 4 hungry children for a month

We need your support to continue our program  to keep children in whole over India specially in jharkhand SAFE, STRONG & VALUED.

Who We Are

The Children’s Care is a nonprofit organization since 2018 , registered under the Society Act XXI of 1860, Indian Income Tax Exemption Act 1961 Under Section 12A & 80G, CSR-1 from Ministry of Corporate Affairs,  NGO Darpan Unique ID  Registration from NITI AAYOG, Registered under U.S.A before [email protected] [D-U-N-S] [Government of United State] and NATO CAGE Code Issued by Internal codification branch NATO Cooperative logistics program Central Contract Registration (Government of USA).

Our Aim & Objects

The Children’s Care is founded by a community of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds. Who have come together with a similar aim to build a society where all children are strong, safe and valued.

The organization is continuously working in the field of health, child protection, and social welfare with its 30 active members and 250 volunteers.

The Children’s Care has done multiple works in collaboration with Ranchi district Administration during the Covid-19 pandemic such as providing emergency medical services, arrangement of oxygen for the critical patients,  distribution of sanitary napkins and nutrition for adolescents, arrangement of ambulances for pregnant, distribution of cooked food for children and distribution of dry ration, etc..

So far the organization has been successful in helping 2963 children, 1752 adolescent girls, and 530 women.

We work in India, especially in Jharkhand, where most of the population are belong to backward classes and tribes, one of the basic problems here is that morbidity and mortality of under 5 years age of children are very high. And here rate of child marriage, child labor, child sexual abuse, child trafficking, etc is also very high.

Our Mission

We help every needy child by reaching out to them, our aim is to make all the children strong in physically, mentally and socially.

Right now we are working all over India but we will also work for the world’s most marginalized and deprived children.

We are going to emerge as an international Non-Profit Organization very soon with the support of our work, transparency and our trustworthy team.

What We Do


— We Make Aware

We are Organizing Health & Sanitation Awareness Program and monthly Health survey for reducing Morbidity and Mortality of under 5 year age of children.


—We Provide Nutrition

We are providing free nutrition to malnourished or Weak children, helpless adolescent girls, helpless pregnant women, and helpless lactating mothers.


— We Educate

We are trying to connect such children with the mainstream of education, who are deprived of education due to some reason, especially we are paying more attention to the education of girls.


— We Train

We are running the program for functional and orientation of Village Level Child Protection Committee & Block Level Child Protection Committee. So that “Children in Need of Care and Protection”(CNCP) can be identified and prevent from becoming “Children in Conflict with Law”(CCL).


— We Protect

We are working with the district child protection unit for the prevention of the heinous crime of society like child labor, child sexual abuse, child trafficking, and child marriage.


— We Collect Donations

We are constantly trying to collect donations so that we can fulfill our mission, the challenge before we are huge. Because our area of operation belongs too very backward and weaker section people.

Most of the women in Jharkhand are anemic and children malnourished. We need your donation to provide nutrition and support them.

Impact Stories

Istekhar Worked in Tea Shop Since He Was Just 11

Istekhar is the eldest of his five siblings and due to the kidney disease of his father, the condition of his family was very bad.
Due to which Istekhar started working in a tea shop in Kolkata from 2018 but in February 2021, Istekhar was caught during the Bachpan Bachao Abhiyan, by chance, his father died on the second day itself. and at that time Istekhar’s mother was about to give birth to her sixth child, who unfortunately did not survive after birth.
The Children’s Care took the lead in this matter and after completing all the legal processes, Istekhar was taken from Kolkata to Giridih to his mother.
At this time we are trying to give a bright future to Istekhar with a good education.

A Brighter Future — For Jharkhand’s Children

We believe that if the basic unit of all the work of the world is called, then it will be the work done for the bright future of the children. Because what we will give to the next generation, depends on what we are doing today.
Your good planning and steps are taken at the right time, provides a good opportunity for your next generation.
We have planned on many issues for the bright future of the children of Jharkhand, which we have given in detail on the aim & object page.